Celery connector connects to a Celery account through the Celery API. Link your Celery store to your DCL eFactory account and we will fulfill your orders.

Link Celery store to DCL account

To connect Celery to DCL, you will first need to get your UserID and AccessToken from your Celery Dashboard.

Acquire UserID and AccessToken

To get your "User ID" and "Access Token", login to the Celery Dashboard site, select the menu "SETTINGS" and the submenu "APPS". Scroll down until you find the section "Celery API".

Access Token

Setup your Store

Press the button on the top of this page. You will be asked to enter the "UserID"" and "Access Token" as well as your eFactory credentials.

Setup your Store

Press "Submit" to link the two accounts: a confirmation message will appear.

Access to Celery Connector

Press the button on the top of this page. You will be asked to enter the DCL eFactory credentials.
If you have already set up your store, you will be redirected to "Store Preferences".

General Settings

General settings

  • Enable DCL API

    Enable DCL background processes to acknowledge and fulfill orders, and update stock quantity.
  • Acknowledge Only

    DCL will only acknowledge orders but not fulfill unless requested.
  • Collect Prices

    DCL will collect all the prices for the order.
  • Fulfillment Notification

    Celery will email ship notification to customers upon DCL fulfillment.
  • Carrier Mapped Only

    DCL will import orders with mapped shipping methods only.
  • Payment Status

    DCL will process orders with selected status.
  • Import Days

    DCL will import orders only on these selected days.
  • Import Time (PST)

    DCL will import orders only in this range of time. Make sure the time range is at least 30 minute wide.
  • Order Age

    Time allowed for customer changes before order is transferred to DCL.
  • Notification Email

    DCL will send an email to this address if it encounters any exceptions.

Mapping shipping methods

Shipping methods defined and enabled in your Celery store need to be mapped to the DCL shipping methods. Select the tab "Shipping methods" to review and define additional mappings.