This Amazon Connector connects the Seller Central, through the new implementation of Amazon SP API (Amazon SP API) to a DCL account to assist in order fulfillment and inventory update functions for the Amazon store. The Selling Partner API (SP-API) is an updated suite of REST APIs utilizing standards being currently used in the industry.

To interface your Amazon Seller store to your DCL account, please press the button Setup your store on the upper right hand corner and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: Amazon requires us to remove any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) within 30 days after order shipment. In order for us to comply with Amazon requirements, we will remove customer name, 'address 1', and email from storage after 3 weeks of order shipment (phone number is never collected). In eFactory, we will show this information with a list of asterisks (*). Should you need to access the customer data after 3 weeks of order shipment, you will have to log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

Setup your store

Access to DCL Logistics app settings

When you finish DCL Logistics app installation, you have two options to access DCL Logisitcs app.

  1. Click on DCL Logistics app from Installed Apps section in Amazon Marketplace.
  2. Click on DCL Amazon integration page .
    Press the button on the top of this page. You will be asked to enter the DCL eFactory credentials.

Marketplace Selection

Once the credentials are confirmed, you will be directed to Marketplace Selection page.
Marketplace Selection

Marketplace Selection page shows all the marketplaces that you had set up in Amazon.
If the marketplace is already linked to DCL Logistics, the Marketplace option shows as "Amazon Marketplacename ~ DCLAccountNumber-DCLWarehouse".
Here you have 2 options.

  1. Show Marketplace Preferences: Shows Marketplace Preferences page.
  2. UnLink from eFactory: You can unlink marketplace from eFactory account.
Marketplace Selection Linked If the marketplace is not linked to DCL Logistics, the marketplace option just shows "Marketplacename".
Here you have an option to link to eFactory account.
Marketplace Selection UnLinked

Marketplace Preferences

Here you can update preferences for the selected marketplace. Also, you have an option to apply settings to all marketplaces.
Marketplace Preferences
  • Marketplace Name

    Amazon Marketplace Name which we will use to import orders and update inventory.
  • Enable DCL API

    Enable DCL background processes to acknowledge and fulfill orders, and update stock quantity.
  • Acknowledge Only

    DCL will only acknowledge orders but not fulfill unless requested.
  • Collect Prices

    DCL will collect all the prices for the order and print on the packing list if needed.
  • Mapped Carrier Only

    DCL will import orders with mapped shipping methods only.
  • Update Inventory

    DCL will update marketplace inventory. The background process is scheduled to update your inventory every 4 hours. If you need to update it more frequently, please contact customer support.
  • Order Status

    DCL will process orders with selected status.
  • Import Days

    DCL will import orders only on these selected days.
  • Import Time (PST)

    DCL will import orders only in this range of time. Make sure the time range is at least 20 minute wide.
  • Order Age

    Time allowed for customer changes before order is transferred to DCL.
  • Notification Email

    DCL will send an email to this address if it encounters any exceptions.

Mapping shipping methods

Shipping methods defined and enabled in Amazon needs to be mapped to the DCL shipping methods. Select the tab Shipping methods to review or setup carrier mapping.

Log Messages

On this section we will report any error that prevents orders for getting imported or if we encounter any issue when we return the fulfillment info. If Notification Email is setup in General settings, these errors will be also emailed.

Log Messages